Bachelor in Psychology – Presov Program

The Presov Bachelor’s in Psychology program, offered at the Ludes Campus, provides a solid education in the field of psychology. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students gain a thorough understanding of psychological theories, research methodologies and practical skills needed to work in a variety of settings.

The faculty of the Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology features professors from distinguished universities and leading professionals and experts in the field of psychology; their extensive experience and expertise enables students to gain a solid theoretical foundation and develop the practical skills needed to meet the challenges of the field.

Teachers guide students on their learning journey, helping them cultivate the ability to understand and respect the experiences and viewpoints of others, as well as actively promoting critical thinking, analysis and reasoning. Students are encouraged to critically evaluate theories and evidence in the field of psychology, developing an analytical, evidence-based approach to understanding and addressing psychological issues.

The welcoming and inclusive campus environment fosters open-mindedness and promotes empathy, encouraging communication skills and interaction with diverse cultural perspectives.

Empathy becomes a fundamental and transformative pillar in students’ education, facilitating the development of authentic relationships and enabling them to embrace an even broader, enlightening and enriching perspective on complex human dynamics.

Professional Profile


  • Education
  • Human Resources
  • Training and Coaching
  • Sports Association
  • Communication & Marketing

Study plan

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    Why Us?

    stimulating and innovative environment

    constant updating of trends and developments in the specific field

    state-of-the-art learning tools

    Campus Ludes cosmopolitan environment

    Serene environment

    teachers with long professional experience and industry experts

    modern technologies for teaching

    engaging and stimulating learning

    Lugano city of sport

    Safe city