Italian Course for Foreigners

Learn Italian in Lugano: immerse yourself in the beauty of the Italian language and culture!

Italian is a fascinating, melodic, and historically rich language. With over 85 million speakers worldwide, learning Italian will open doors to new experiences, both personally and professionally. Whether you desire to travel to Italy, appreciate the vast Italian cultural heritage, or, most importantly, if you are a foreigner planning to relocate to Canton Ticino in Switzerland, learning Italian will be a valuable investment for your future and an essential element for integration.

Our Italian language course in Lugano is specifically designed for foreign students, from absolute beginners to intermediate learners. Our highly qualified and passionate teachers will accompany you on an engaging and interactive learning journey, where you will have the opportunity to develop your skills in all key areas: listening, reading, writing, and conversation.

Discover the Italian language and culture


Our lessons take place in a welcoming and stimulating environment, in small groups that encourage active participation and consistent language practice. We use innovative teaching methods, authentic materials, and multimedia resources to make your Italian learning interesting and engaging.

Moreover, our Italian language course in Lugano goes beyond just linguistic aspects; it also offers you a profound immersion into Italian culture. Through cultural activities, special events, and group projects, you will explore Italian art, cuisine, literature, and traditions, enriching your learning experience.

Learning Italian in Lugano will not only provide you with language proficiency but also the opportunity to connect with people from different parts of the world. Lugano is an international and multicultural city, and our course will allow you to form new friendships and meaningful connections while learning Italian alongside other students from around the globe.

No matter what your goal with the Italian language is, our course will equip you with the necessary skills to achieve it. We have a personalized approach, tailoring the lessons to your specific needs and language proficiency level.

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    stimulating and innovative environment

    constant updating of trends and developments in the specific field

    state-of-the-art learning tools

    Campus Ludes cosmopolitan environment

    Serene environment

    teachers with long professional experience and industry experts

    modern technologies for teaching

    engaging and stimulating learning

    Lugano city of sport

    Safe city