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Buildings and Classrooms

Explore our buildings and classrooms on Campus

The Ludes Campus is a dynamic citadel of knowledge, a place where men and women meet, dialogue and learn, valorizing diversity and individual peculiarities In the years between 2017 and 2022, we expanded the Campus with additional space and modern facilities to meet the increasing didactic and study needs of our students and faculty. Today, the Campus covers an area of about 3,500 square meters and is composed of two buildings: the Residence ai Faggi and the Galeno Campus.

The architecture of our buildings is designed with special attention to the organization of space, with functional furniture used for students and faculty. The environments are characterized by versatility, choice of colors and shapes that make the atmosphere welcoming and stimulating.

In our commitment to sustainability, we have adopted eco-friendly solutions within our buildings, such as the use of recyclable materials, energy-efficient lighting systems. In addition, we encourage resource-conscious use of resources by students and faculty by promoting reduction, recycling and reuse practices.

Campus 1 - Faggi

Level 3 – Access Via dei Faggi 6A

  • Choice Quality Health Center & Health Wellness Spa

Level 2 – Access Via dei Faggi 6A

  • General Secretary’s Desk
  • Certificates, Diplomas and VISA Office Desk
  • Accounting Desk
  • DSA and Counseling Desk
  • Administrative Offices
  • Administrative Management
  • Education Management Office
  • Faculty Office
  • Toilets

Level 3 – Access Via dei Faggi 6

  • Multi-use area
  • Simulation laboratories

Level 2 – Access Via dei Faggi 6

  • Amaranth Classroom 201
  • Toilets
  • Technical room

Level 1 – Access Via dei Faggi 6

  • Blue Classroom 101
  • Green Classroom 102
  • Yellow Classroom 103
  • Toilets

Campus 2 - Galeno

Level 1

  • Classroom A1
  • Classroom B1
  • Classroom C1
  • Library and Study Room
  • Technical Room
  • Faculty Desk
  • Lockers for the deposit of personal effects
  • Toilets

Level 2

  • Classroom D2
  • Classroom E2
  • Classroom F2
  • Educational Gymnasium
  • Men’s locker room
  • Women’s locker room
  • Lockers for the deposit of personal effects
  • Break Room Staff
  • Toilets

Level 3

  • Refectory
  • Technical room
  • Terrace
  • Toilets

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