Orientation: Which course to choose?

As you will see, you have several options that can help you explore Campus Ludes and find the study path that best suits your needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for information or to make an appointment.
The Welcome Ludes team is here for you!


Throughout the year, we organize Open Days during which our dedicated staff will be happy to show you the services available to students, study programs and spaces dedicated to lessons, laboratories, the library, clinical practice, refreshments and study. You will also have the opportunity to meet professors and students who are already attending the Campus and who will be happy to tell you about their experience of life on Campus.

To participate in an Open Day write an email:


If you prefer a personalized meeting, both by telephone and in person on campus, with a manager of the welcome office, please write us an email or give us a call.


If you wish to come to Lugano to visit the Campus in person, we will be happy to welcome you. To organize your visit, please contact us by email.


If you cannot physically go to the Campus but still want to visit it, we offer a customized virtual visit option. You will be able to book an appointment online to receive all the necessary information on the educational offer, as well as on the structure and organization of the Campus.

To make an appointment for the Virtual Tour, please contact us by email


Our Welcome Ludes department will help you choose the best route for you!

We will give you the information you need to make an accurate and informed choice, according to your inclinations.

You can make an appointment for:

  • an informational interview
  • visit the Campus with all its services
  • know the contents, objectives and professional outlets of the courses offered

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,Puoi contattarci dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9.00 alle 13.00 per informazioni generali sui corsi e sui servizi offerti dal Campus Ludes.

Counseling and Tutoring Service:
The service offered by Campus Ludes is aimed at supporting the student in making decisions, preventing moments of personal difficulty from turning into reasons for abandoning studies. The purposes that cover the entire course of study range from reception to ongoing tutoring.


The purpose of the integration and support desk for disabled students and those with learning disabilities is:

  • assisting disabled students from the moment of enrolment to the end of the course of study, integrating different educational needs and encouraging attendance at courses;
  • develop, by offering ad hoc compensatory and dispensatory tools, the most active participation possible in the learning process;
  • monitor the course of study through personalized meetings, identifying individual didactic and psychological needs along the way;
  • mediate the learning process between student and individual teacher, evaluating tailor-made interventions that allow for an increase in autonomy and full integration;

In addition to constant mediation, in accordance with the main Swiss and European regulations, we offer compensatory tools, educational and technological tools that replace or facilitate the performance required in the deficient skill:

  • speech synthesis, which turns a reading task into a listening task;
  • recorder, which allows the student not to write the notes of the lesson;
  • video writing programs with spelling checker, which allow the production of sufficiently correct texts, without the fatigue of re-reading and the simultaneous correction of errors;
  • the calculator, which facilitates calculation operations;
  • technologically less advanced tools such as tables, forms, concept maps, also executed through specific mapping programs.

Among the dispensatory measures:
oral questions, the use of vocabulary, carrying out tests on a single disciplinary content or longer times (by 30%) for verifications.

The adoption of dispensatory measures:
it must always be evaluated based on the effective impact of the disorder on the required performance, so as not to differentiate the learning path of the student in question in terms of objectives.

To use the services of the D.S.A. you need:
Submit a written request attaching, if in possession, the diagnoses (not older than 3 years).

Send the form to: listening@uniludes.ch

Service manager: