Sport in Lugano

Experiencing sport at Campus Ludes

Sports culture, identity and well-being for students

The Campus highly emphasizes the culture of sports for its students. We believe that sports not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but also help to strengthen personal identity and foster harmonious growth.

Near the Campus, in the Municipality of Paradiso, students have the opportunity to use the tennis courts of the “Paradiso Tennis Court,” also taking advantage of discounts for court rental and lessons. In addition, there is a basketball court that is accessible free of charge nearby.

For the use of the tennis courts you have to contact the coaches of the “Paradise Tennis Curt,” for more information download the flyer.

For the use of the basketball court, including court lighting or reservation of basketballs, you can refer to the Ambassadors to make reservations.

Moreover, Campus Ludes organizes sports, recreational and cultural events throughout the year. These include the Institute Sports Championships, which are held once a year at the Federal Youth Center in Tenero, and offer students the opportunity to compete and participate in various sports.

In addition to this, fields days are organized for fencing, climbing and other similar activities that engage students in fun and culturally enriching experiences.

We believe that sports have the power to unite, promote cooperation and create a sense of belonging. We encourage all students to actively participate in the sports activities offered, experiencing the challenges, adrenaline and joy that sports can provide.

Do you have any questions?

Contact us: we will be happy to provide you with further information.

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