Ambassadors & clubs


Represent, share, and spread your experience at Campus Ludes

Ludes is committed to creating a vibrant community that promotes the visibility of our campus. To this end, we select candidates among regularly enrolled students, so they can become ambassadors and share their experience at Campus Ludes.

By publishing content on social profiles and participating in extracurricular activities, the selected students become representatives of the campus, known as “AMBASSADORS.”

Each Ambassador has the opportunity to choose a club to join from those offered, including culture, sports, and events. Each club represents a specific area of interest where Ambassadors can showcase their passions and skills.

Ambassadors pledge to propose and organize activities within their chosen club. They can collaborate with other club members to create events, workshops, presentations, or any other initiative that reflects the essence of the club itself. The creativity and dedication of the Ambassadors are fundamental to enriching campus life and offering unique opportunities to students.

The experience as an Ambassador allows the development of leadership skills, event management, and teamwork. Ambassadors become a point of reference for other students to share their passions, promoting interest in culture, sports, or events within the context of Campus Ludes.

Become an Ambassador

Download the PDF to read the guidelines and requirements necessary to become an Ambassador. We will provide you with all the necessary information to understand the role and responsibilities it entails.

Fill out the form you can find on this page and submit it to apply to become an Ambassador.