Master Degree in Dentistry – ZSMU

English Language

The Master Degree in Dentistry – ZSMU Program has a five-year duration (300 ECTS – EQF 7) and provides theoretical and practical training delivered in English, in order to facilitate a comparison with the professional and scientific network at the international level.     

The program emphasizes, in the training of dentists, not only technical skills, related to know-how, but also everything related to knowing how to be. At the conclusion of the course of study, the student will have acquired enough professional, decision-making and operational autonomy to enable him or her to enter the dental field, both private and public. In general, the course is characterized for the first two years by the study of the basic knowledge of the vital functions of the human body and then by the in-depth study of the medical-surgical disciplines specific to dentistry.


Master Degree in Dentistry graduates will be qualified to work in a variety of professional settings, including:

  • Clinics and private dental practices;
  • Dental health centers such as outpatient clinics;
  • Hospitals and primary care centers;
  • Universities or professional training Schools as Researchers or Lecturers;
  • Public or private Research Centers; 
  • Pharmaceutical companies.


To be admitted to the Master of Science in Dentistry – ZSMU Program, the candidate has to pass the entrance exam. 
Furthermore the candidate  is expected to have one of the following educational qualifications:

  • MQF Level 5 Diploma: “Diploma of State Examination/ High school diploma” (Italian system – maturità)
  • First-cycle Diploma or Certificate
  • Certificate of higher education or international equivalent (e.g.,”CESS”; – Belgian system)
  • Baccalauréat (French system)
  • Federal Diploma (Swiss system)
In addition, the candidate is required to hold a B2 certificate of the European Framework of Reference for English Language.
Applicants who do not have the English language certificate are also required to take the oral English language test during the admission test.